I create custom watercolor paintings and illustrations

The most special and personal artwork is born in collaboration of the artist and client.

If you have an idea that needs personal approach or if you are looking for something very special for a gift - custom made artwork is the perfect choice for that.



Watercolor painting


My nature inspired watercolors bring radiant colors and closeness to nature into the room. I combine different watercolor techniques and sometimes add details with ink drawing to my paintings.

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I make illustrations in the mixed media of ink drawing and watercolor painting. You can turn to me with a book or a textbook that needs illustratsions, but also with smaller projects like greeting cards, a cafe menu or wedding invitations.

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 see the price list here






1. Write or call me and let's talk about your idea, the size of the painting/illustration/project and the time of delivery.

2. I will send you an offer based on our agreement.

3. I start working when the advance payment has been paid (normally 50-100% of the final price, but it can be divided into more payments).

4. We will communicate during the work process, I will be keeping you posted about the painting/illustration/projects process.

5. I will send you photos/digital files of the finished work and I will be waiting for your confirmation. If needed, minor adjustments can be made.

6. When we have agreed on the details of the delivery of the painting/illustrations/project you will pay the rest of the balance .

7. If you wish, I can let the the painting/drawing be framed in Tartu. It usually takes 1-2 weeks and it is possible to order a rush job for an extra fee.

8. I will deliver your artwork personally (around Tartu, Estonia) or send it to you via postal service.




tell me about your idea






With custom work the time of delivery depends on the painting or projects, the size and intricacy of it.

The queue of my custom artworks is normally 2 months. If you need your art faster, let me know and we will try to find a solution.

If you wish your art to be framed, additional 7-14 days is needed for framing.

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Kui tellid minult akvarellmaali, võid lasta selle ise raamida, aga kui soovid juba seinale riputamiseks valmis maali, lasen selle Sinu jaoks ise raami panna. To stay beautiful and bright for a long time, a watercolor painting needs a frame with glass that protects the painting from the UV-radiation, dust and fading.

I use the services of Raamikoda in Tartu and I am very pleased with their work. During the last couple of years I have chosen to use 70 % UV-protection "invisible" glass Artglass into the frame, which is reflection free, long-lasting and brings out the intricate details  and bright colors of my paintings and drawings. It is a glass that is used for exposing art at the galleries all over the world.

lilledega akvarellmaali raami valimineakvarellmaali raamimine paspartuugakullerkuppudega akvarellmaali raamimine





I have chosen watercolors as my painting medium for the technical reasons, but also because they are environmentally friendly. Watercolors are water soluble and without any odour. I use mainly Sennelier professional series watercolors and I paint on the highest quality thick watercolor paper - my favourites are Arches and Canson papers. 

To make ink drawings I use thin water and fade resistant archival quality fine line Pigma Micron ink pens from Sakura.